Virtual Seminar Series on Gaussian Processes, Spatiotemporal Modeling, and Decision-making Systems

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Silvia Sellán

Uncertain Surface Reconstruction

Silvia Sellán · University of Toronto

2023-05-08 · 16:00 UTC

Reconstructing a surface from a point cloud is a fundamentally underdetermined problem. We study different ways of incorporating this inherent uncertainty to the surface reconstruction problem. Specifically, we introduce a statistical extension of the classic Poisson Surface Reconstruction algorithm for recovering shapes from 3D point clouds. Instead of outputting an implicit function, we represent the reconstructed shape as a modified Gaussian Process, which allows us to conduct statistical queries (e.g., the likelihood of a point in space being on the surface or inside a solid). We show that this perspective improves PSR’s integration into the online scanning process, broadens its application realm, and opens the door to other lines of research such as applying task-specific priors.


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